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Pencils&Lipstick podcast

Sep 20, 2021

Using a dead girl's name and secretly dating a professor are just some of the things Ana Lopez is willing to do to graduate college and build some sort of future for herself. You name it, she'll do it, if it gets her closer to a better life and helps her escape her violent past.

But Ana doesn't realise that as she tries to outrun her past, she's leaving her family behind and her identity behind. Running into Marlon, a friend from high school, was not in Ana's plans at all. Tall, dark and handsome, he had been her crush in high school, though nothing ever came of it. Although knowing him from high school poses a risk to exposing her new identity, Ana can't seem to help herself. And the more she's around him, the more Ana realizes a flaw in her carefully laid plans: that she just might want more than a simple degree and a life of dull comfort with a man she doesn't love.

The problem is, she isn't quite sure how to handle breaking up with an increasingly possessive Daniel, her professor. Little does Ana know that everything she's worked for the past few years, everything she's convinced she deserves, is about to come crashing down as the professor's jealous wife comes back, a family crisis rears up and Ana loses someone she dearly loves.

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