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Pencils&Lipstick podcast

Dec 18, 2020

Joan Thomas is an award-winning Canadian author whose books investigate stories not often talked about in society. Her latest novel, Five Wives, goes deep to the heart of Ecuador in the 1950s with missionary wives who find themselves alone after their husband's are killed. 

Joan talks about her journey and how important...

Dec 11, 2020

Emma Dhesi's story includes following a dream, getting married, traveling far from home, having children....and realizing one day she felt lost. 

In this episode I talk to Emma about postpartum depression, mindset switches and how great it feels to follow your dreams even when we're in our thirties and beyond.

Dec 4, 2020

Susan Rubin has done so many things in life, most of them in the creative field. She has acted and danced and written screen plays, directed theater, written documentaries and blogs and is now coming out with her first novel, A Road Not Taken. Susan tells us her story about all the creative endeavors she had dared to...