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Pencils&Lipstick podcast

Jan 10, 2022

Adding your personal passions to your fiction can be difficult. to the point that we end up avoiding them all together for fear of being too preachy. Today Denise and I talk about the methods she used to add her passion to her fiction work and not sound like an academic paper. 

Denise Baden has a passion: to make the world greener. Working in the area of sustainability, she found herself talking to the already 'converted'. Frustrated that sustainable green solutions never seemed to be talked about in fiction books or movies, she set about to change that. In 2018, Denise started Green Stories Writing Competitions to encourage writers from around the world to create fiction stories with real green solutions integrated in the story. 

Encouraged by the results, the competition has continued whether  as short story, novel or flash fiction. This year the format is short story. You can enter the contest here.

Denise Baden also wrote about her passion for green solutions in her novel Habitat Man.


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